The Birbal


We thrive to deliver wow sales experience to your prospects with our seasoned, trained and multilingual workforce, you can expect a unmatched quality and your customer gets a unique experience of your product throughout the journey. This would lead to high NPS as well. All this without the hassle of recruiting hiring and managing people.

Case Studies

shoppers through our Distributed Workforce
While you focus on your core Products and Services, we take care of the rest at the back

Made a setup to cater to source market in terms of language and demand. The resources were trained on Product, Process, Sales and softer aspects

TheBirbal took 5 working days to start and go live !

Client : Hospitality company with pan India presence

Purpose : Selling Hotel stay and Holidays to customers on inbound live call and queries

Lead Source provided by Client: Direct and Paid

Powered with LOCAL LANGUAGE Connect and Relationship Model
End Customer Support

We specialize in Customer Onboarding and personalize engagement experience under pinned by our seasoned and multilingual workforce. Our Relationship Officers are proficient in serving your customer needs, managing customer life cycle and maintaining cordial relation with them.

Client : ECommerce

Purpose : To establish relationship with top quartile customers to cross-sell, up-sell and to regain lost customers

Solution :
Herein the customer relationship team would connect with cohorts of customers to drive usage, update on new products and offers. They also capture customer feedback and issues for resolution and process enhancement 

Multilingual team that understands the product and process and has maturity to understand the customer segment

Benefits :

  • Cross sell/ Upsell
  • Customer Retention
  • Process improvement

Give best Sales experience to your customers,
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