The Birbal

Recruitment Support

It is said that first impression last long. The first impression of any organization starts right from the hiring process. We help you to make the hiring a seamless process. Our seasoned and experienced recruiting professionals gives you and the candidate an end to end experience. They keep both the parties well informed of progress. We specialize in mass recruitment with same quality.

We have access to large talent pool through our widespread community members. These can be provided for multiple ongoing requirements.

Case Studies

Client : Edtech Company

Purpose : Require continuous recruitment of Tutor for business Growth,
Applicant Leads provided by the Client: Direct and Job portal.

Recruitment Support :
Our team comprising of HR professionals does initial screening and Telephonic / Video interviews of Applicants and submit the shortlist for final assessment.

TheBirbal took 5 working days to start and go live !

Impact :
Fast Onboarding of Tutors
Quality selection and screening of canidates

Client : Staffing Company

Purpose : To short list candidates for various frontline pan India positions

Our Recruitment Support :
We have made a task force to connect and select the right candidates from database. We are doing initial assessment, screening and pitched the profile to the candidates. Next we do the scheduling of the candidates for shortlisted ones along with dropout management.

TheBirbal took no time to go live, as we have ready team!

Impact :

  • Timely delivery
  • Quality work
  • No fix liability

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