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End Customer Support

We specialize in Customer On-boarding and personalize engagement experience under pinned by our seasoned and multilingual workforce. Our Relationship Officers are proficient in serving your customer needs, managing customer life cycle and maintaining cordial relation with them.

Case Studies

Client : ECommerce

Purpose : To establish relationship with top quartile customers to cross-sell, up-sell and to regain lost customers

Solution :
Herein the customer relationship team would connect with cohorts of customers to drive usage, update on new products and offers. They also capture customer feedback and issues for resolution and process enhancement.

Multilingual team that understands the product and process and has maturity to understand the customer segment.

Benefits :
Cross sell/ Upsell
Customer Retention
Process improvement.

Client : ECommerce

Purpose : To establish relationship with Schools and parents to drive usage of Online platform / App

Solution :
We made two teams – Relationship Mgm and Parents Connect Team. The Relationship Mgm Team made a connect with School Trustees and Principals to drive adoption, update on progress, pitch new features and build relationship. On other hand the Parents connect team connected with parents in local language to share the benefits and push adoption of platform.
Built multilingual team in short span.

Benefits :

  • Platform adoption
  • Customer Retention

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